Ant & other insect damage to new electrical appliances can void manufacturers warranties, this damage is sometimes classed as "mechanical damage" and not covered under warranty. If ants are left to build and multiply in a building they are an extreme nuisance for food. When ants become too large in numbers they can chock up lights, switches, sockets, electrical appliances especially outside heat pump units, infinity hot water systems causing electrical failures, fire is possible but not very likely. Ants can also cause false activations with smoke and burglar alarms.


Some people are bitten and only ever suffer an "itchy bite". We have met many customers in our region who have become seriously ill with a white-tail spider bite. Symptoms range from feeling faint, nauseous, trembles, raised temperature, inflamed limb, rotting flesh at bite site to anaphylactic attack. Exercise common sense (not paranoia) if bitten. Monitor symptoms closely, seek medical help if you deteriorate. People with low immune systems, chemo patients, the very young or frail should seriously consider commercially insect treating their homes if white-tail spiders are found. Roof spaces should be treated for white-tail spiders as these spiders are known to fall off ceilings on to beds and people. We are very successful in total eradication of white-tail spiders.


With all flea treatments larvicide's should be used. No amount of flea bombs will prevent flea larvae from hatching later. Flea bombs are ineffectual at getting under beds, couches etc. We guarantee our flea treatments.


Borer is very common in older buildings before timbers were boric treated (from early 1960s). Some borer species are native to NZ. Unlike Aussie termites which can destroy a house in weeks, untreated borer usually takes from many decades to over a century to inflict serious structural damage. There are several solutions to borer, we will happily discuss and advise the best borer treatment for your situation. We provide written certificates of borer treatment for your re-sale value.


Common in rural areas occasionally in cities. Cluster flies hatch in the pasture soil then migrate in their 10000s & infest buildings. Roof space plus interior & exterior treatments are required to eradicate cluster-flies. They are found all year but peak in Autumn & Spring. We are very successful in eliminating cluster-flies and white-tail spiders at the same time.


A few "cockies" on the outer part of the section are great for kids exploring and part of nature. Cockroaches inside are a definite  health hazard with germs they carry. They infiltrate & sometimes damage fridge motors, microwaves, hot water cylinders, heat pump units etc. All cockroach & other insect damage to new electrical appliances can void manufacturers warranties, it is sometimes classed as "mechanical damage". It is widely accepted & believed that for every cockroach you see there are another 10 you don't see.