All NZ insects eradicated , ants, borer, flies, fleas, carpet beetle, cluster flies, cob-webs, cockroaches, earwigs, mites, silverfish, slaters, white-tail spiders, wasps etc. None of our general purpose treatments will harm bees or wasps, special products are carefully used for these. We will only eradicate bees if they can't be relocated by a bee keeper. Most of our products are also used in agriculture and horticulture on the food crops that we eat (after stand down period). These products will not damage your plants, furniture, curtains, electronics, ornaments, paint work etc. People, beds, pets, food off bench, fish, and birds must be either removed or covered at time of treatment.

SHIFTING INTO A VACANT HOME ?      Before you shift into your new home take the opportunity to fumigate your whole home inside & outside while it is empty. This treatment kills all germ carrying & biting NZ insect species. The areas treated from roof to floor, inside and outside your home, garage, sheds, drains, clothesline to prevent spiders hitch hiking on the washing, letter box, heat pump units, smoke & alarm sensors, satellite dish sensors, outside infinity hot water systems, inside wardrobes, pantries, cupboards, hot water cupboard, fridge spaces, bark gardens, cobweb fences sheds, etc. We can offer you an accurate quote by looking around the outside of the house before your settlement date.